2013 Goals

2013 Goals and Aspirations

  1. Feel confident and comfortable in a swimsuit this summer. 
    • I don't remember ever feeling confident in a 2-piece no matter how much I loved the suit or how small I was.  This year I want to go to the beach and be proud of what I've worked for.  (I'm also secretly hoping that lulu comes out with a killer swim line this year so I can buy one as a reward).
  2. Complete a Spartan or Zombie run (or both)
    • Last year, events got in the way of me doing either of these events, so I'm hoping I can do one or both of these this year.  I have no plans for any serious races, or anything over a 5k for the first time in years.  I'm very okay with this.
  3. Complete the following lifts: 200lb deadlift, 100lb bench, 150lb back squat, 1 full chin up
    • These ones will probably take 6 months to a year to complete and I'm okay with that.  There's also a few intermediate goals within those three categories.
    • Current: 140lb 2RM deadlift, 60lb bench, 85lb back squat, green band chin up
    • March 12, 2013:  145lb 3RM deadlift, 65lb bench, 90lb squat, purple band chin up
  4. Find a way to incorporate yoga into my life
    • I'm starting to feel a little less bendy thanks to all my lifts and I have to figure out a way to get back into yoga.  I'm going to look for some DVDs possibly, because I can't handle both a Crossfit and a Yoga studio membership.
  5. Make it to 20-25% Body Fat 
    • The last time I was measured I was just over 30%.  25% puts me solidly in the fit/average category and that's all I need.
  6. Cut out coffee
    • My sleep has been so up and down lately and I'm thinking coffee/caffeine isn't helping.  I've been hooked since 16-17 or so with diet pop, iced capps, and coffee.  While I've cut out the pop and sugary coffee, and now limit coffee to before noon, I really need to kick the habit.
    • March 12, 2013: Down to one cup of coffee in the morning only!

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