Monday, 3 September 2012


It's really time for me to fess up on this one.  I've been holding it in, feeling like I failed, but the reasons behind my choice are sound.

Earlier this summer I did this:

And it was all kinds of awesome and made me really proud of myself.  I pushed myself to complete 2 hours of activity while not kicking myself in the ass for being last in the pack. 

Unfortunately, I also realized that I needed to kick into gear with my running (yes, common theme always) as I was pretty slow.  Of course, as per usual after the race, I couldn't get back into it.  I promised myself I would start training August 6 for the Ottawa Fall Colours, and just yeah.

On top of the fact that I hadn't paid for it yet, I couldn't get motivated.

Now it's September, I'm not signed up, and I haven't been on a real bike in forever.

I think I'm dipping out of the race.  I'm mentally not there again just yet.  I need to build a strong base.

AND I have 2013 goals that are making me want to really start to work at it again.

I'll save that for another post though...

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