Monday, 4 June 2012

Bad Runs Happen

After being all sunshine and roses on my opening blog post, of course my next run had to suck.  It was a frustrating run for sure.  But every run up until the Sportinglife 10k felt like a bad one.  My legs were lead.  Nothing wanted to move, let alone move faster.  The 175lbs was weighing on me the entire time.  
I've had some really good runs since finishing Sportinglife, including a short 20min run last week that saw my pace time finally slip into my 'normal time' even if it was for only a few minutes.

Today could have defeated everything I've been working towards.  Normally it would.  Normally, I would want to come home and kick something for the terrible job.  This time though, I shrugged my shoulders and reminded myself that bad runs happen.
6k in 57min?  Not cool.
I can tell you exactly what went wrong.  I had too much dairy between last night's froyo and this morning's overnight oats (by the way, making them with non-steel cut oats, YUCK) and well... you can imagine where this is going.  It didn't feel good off the bat.  As I was looping back I could feel the cramp coming on and then.... well I needed a bathroom.  Knowing there was one just 3-5 minutes away running I stuck to my guns.  I got there and it was locked.  And that's where my ambition ended.  I ran/walked the rest of way home, shrugged my shoulders and called it today.

Tomorrow will be a glorious rest day and then a 2 hour bike ride the next.  But since this is happenning:

It may have to include a 1 hour warm up to the 1 hour spin class at my gym. 

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