Monday, 11 June 2012

Smiths Falls Duathlon

Once again I've left it too long between blog posts.  But bear with me, I'm getting used to getting this into my routine again.

One of the major reasons that I started this journey again was my bike.  Easter weekend, I spent some dough and bought my first 'good' bike.  That said, it's on the cheap range, and still only a hybrid, but I love her.  
She needs a name by the way.  Anythingggg?

And from there, I made a tweet about if I could do my hometown sprint Du (2k run, 26k bike, 5k run) on June 24.  A few people said yes! of course!  You're about to run a 10k and you just rode 26k.  You can do this.

So G and I signed ourselves up and I set out to find my training groove.  I also made the decision after the 10k to eat like an athlete.  I wanted to lose weight, of course, but what I really wanted was to make sure I was in good condition for this Duathlon.  I couldn't do it chugging beers on a Saturday night and training on Sunday morning.  

Right now my brain is divided.  I'm so excited to do this Duathlon and so excited to finally have my parents see me complete a race.  I'm also scared s**tless because I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do this as fast as I should be.  With two weeks to go the doubt is finally sinking in.  

I'm going to do this and I will succeed.

And oh yeah, kinda changed out my hybrid tires for road bike ones today.  Anything to finish.


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