Friday, 2 November 2012

When even the ones who know better don't

I know better.  I really really know better.

Last week I did a particularly rough lower body workout and felt on top of the world.

The next day I did my favourite spin class.

Unfortunately, 5 minutes in I could barely move the pedals.   My legs were on fire, but I figured that it would pass as soon as I warmed up.  But it didn't.

I'm now regulated to sitting on my ass for the last week waiting for my back to heal.  I'm stretching as much as I can and getting acupuncture, but it's taking it's sweet time.

I wish I could say I was eating clean and it would all be okay, but I kinda fell off the wagon with a few too many hallowe'en treats and eating out a bit too much.

Tomorrow is another day though.  Hoping to try out kickboxing tomorrow and then I have something big (possibly) on the horizon. 

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