Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Truth

There are many reason why I haven't blogged in almost a month, and there are just as many for why my blog posts when down exponentially over the last couple months.

I wasn't feeling it partly because the 'Operation Get Fit' wasn't showing any progress.  I was stalled and very much reverting back to some old habits.  Think wine, nachos just because I went to the gym, and too much of healthy 'treats'.

I definitely wasn't getting bigger, but I wasn't getting stronger or smaller either.

Then there was that disastrous doctor's appointment where I got to hear about my weight again.

With all that weighing on me, yes weighing on me, I finally kicked myself in the ass and joined a Crossfit Box.  Part of the reason I dipped out of posting was because I didn't want to become a crazy obsessive Crossfit blogger.  But realistically, it was the right choice for me:  a girl who liked weights but had a hard time pushing myself.

Up at 6:30am to workout???
 I'm almost a month into it, and loving it.   The workouts are hard and intense and I'm loving it.  Working my way up to less resistance pull-ups, deadlifting #115, benching #55, while not sounding like crazy accomplishments, they are for me.

I also am working with their awesome nutrition expert Summer, and working my way through a strict paleo-esque diet up until the holidays.   It's been a little bit of a battle but I'd say 1 week in, I'm averaging 95% and finally reading labels.  I've got another 3 weeks to go, so we'll see what happens.  She even did the whole skip caliper body fat % thing.  The good news is, it's not as bad as I thought.  The bad, it's definitely in the obese range.  Yup, Kelly, the exercise junkie is still considered obese.

With that, I'll try to be back.  I'll post some awesome things I've been making lately in my kitchen.  I'll remember that this blog is for me.

Random pictures of stuff I should have blogged about but didn't:

27th birthday dinner with one of the best Food Network chefs!
Typical few days of strength at Crossfit
Finally got my shipment of Vermont PB (in limited quantities until challenge is over)

Yum yum Paleo dinner!
Amazing paleo pumpkin french toast!


  1. Ok where to start:
    1) Lynn Crawford???? Really??
    2) Lynn Crawford????
    3) You know/met Lynn Crawford???

    But seriously, you have to love whatever it is you're doing if you're going to stick with any kind of training plan. There's no sense of say "running" to stay healthy when you hate it!

    I know you've got this !!! Stick with it!

    1. Met Lynn Crawford! Hung out with her. Tweeted back and forth. One of the best nights ever! She is so nice. If you're every in Toronto, go to Ruby Watchco. The food is out of this world!

      I think I'll probably try to few 5ks next year: a mud run, a zombie run, and a colour run, but I'm not setting my ambitions too high for now!

      Eeeee I'm loving this so I think I'll be sticking it out for awhile!

  2. Lynn Crawford? AMAZING!

    I may have purchased a CrossFit groupon. I'm scared to go, but I will do it.

    For the record: I hate CrossFit bloggers. Like a lot.

    1. Lynn Crawford was the most funniest, down to earth 'celebrity' I have ever met. It was hands down the best birthday ever!

      I know you hate CrossFit bloggers, which is why I will stay away from becoming one, because I like you reading my blog.

      ... Crossfit is... rough. Especially if you don't have a strong lifting background. It's also totally fun and the hour flies by. The coaches are amazing and guide you through everything. I'm not going to lie though, I spent the first three weeks (who am I kidding, it's still happening) being unable to move after every workout!