Tuesday, 15 January 2013


6:05am is when my alarm goes off.  I usually grumble a bit (especially on Mondays) and lay there until about 6:12.   I finally roll myself out of bed and quickly get changed so I don't wake Greg.

I grumble a bit down the hallway and make some coffee and eat something small all the while trying to figure out how much time I have before I have to leave (and therefore how much I should eat).

By 6:40, the grumbling stops and I actually feel awake.

Out the door at 6:45, and in class by about 6:58.

I have NEVER been one to be at the gym before 8am.  Making this a routine has been really hard.

I need to remember at 6:05, that within a half hour or so I'll feel fine, and that extra hour of sleep isn't worth the energy I gain at the gym.

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