Thursday, 28 February 2013

Hey There Plateau

Not this morning, but appropriate for this post.
This month has been tough outside of the whole workout/healthy eating realm that is this blog.   As much as I'd love to blather on about it here, it's not the place, and I need to cope with it.  I've been dealing heavily with feelings of wanting to stress eat over the last 1-2 weeks and not giving in, but I'm sure it's been clouding my food judgement.

I'm not entirely sure what went wrong this month (okay I have a suspicion), but I went into this morning not necessarily expecting great things, but hoping.

The good is that I'm down 1.5lbs.  The not so good is that my measurements didn't change at all this month.  At least it's not a gain?

I'm annoyed, and it set my morning off in a funk that I'm trying to mentally get through.

These things happen, and being stressed about it on top of everything else isn't worth it.

Tomorrow is March 1st, and I'm going to step into it with renewed dedication and drive.

I will break this plateau.  I will meet my goal of being as happy as I can with my body/self-image by the summer.  It will be okay.

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