Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Everything in Moderation

When I stated that I needed to work on smaller goals this time around, one of them was to stop over doing it when I ate out. 

One of the biggest places I needed to work on this goal is when Greg and I hit up Sushi Tuesday! 

For the last 6 weeks (?!) Greg and I have been making Sushi Tuesdays a regular habit.  No fail, by about 3pm Tuesday, all I can think about is sushi.

It's gotten so ridiculous that this happened:

G and I now have our own chopsticks at our local sushi place.  I know.  This is probably not a good thing.

That said, sushi CAN be a healthy alternative when out.  As long as you stay away from all the tempura, mayo, and Sapporo. 

So one of my goals in my head is to not completely pig out when we get there.  Gone is sushi pizza (oh good lord the yumminess), and we've dropped down to 3 rolls total, with one being a veggie (usually avocado cucumber).  We've also tried to add more sushi, rather than maki rolls. 

Over the past couple weeks I've felt so much better leaving the restaurant, and it has really cut back on the sodium hangover I would get!

Last night, I was reminded not to go back to previous ways, as I left with a sushi baby from the bloat.  We went with friends and ordered 7 rolls, and sushi pizza.  It sounded reasonable, and about what we would eat normally now (just a touch more), but man did I not feel great after.

Note to self:  moderation doesn't mean eliminate, nor does it mean stuff your face like crazy once a week.

Excuse me while I go pound back some water!

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