Friday, 20 July 2012

The Epic Battle - Friday Morning Weigh In #3

Now, I haven't done a randomized control trial on this subject, but I'm willing to bet that most trying to be fit, healthy, whatever, has had the Epic Scale Battle.  

It's the kind of battle that ends up being more head vs. heart then just willing the numbers to move.

I know, I know, I know, I know, that your body can change and the scale may barely move.  So the rational part of me sits on my right shoulder, telling me I've started weight training, that I'm eating better, that people have documented time and time again that you can look better at 135 than 120 if you have more muscle mass and a lower fat %. 

But on my left shoulder is the the little voice that says: but you once saw 121 on the scale.  You've been there before.  It should be easy to get there again.   Why don't you go to the gym 2x/day?  Stop eating so damn much.  I don't care if it's healthy.  Blah blah blah blah. 

I'm fighting that voice so badly this time.  Shoving it down and beating her up.  Because I can't let the scale ruin my day. 

That's why this time around, I've got progress pictures to refer back to as well.  It helps keep my head in the game.

So why the ramble before the weight reveal?  Because this week I lost .2lbs.  POINT TWO.  But it's still a loss. 

And I have this terrible instagram picture to show you folks.  I don't actually know what I started off as on this scale, but I think I was around 178-180.  Today, I'm 174.6lbs.  Slow and steady.  Just like Franklin the turtle. ;)


  1. I'm not BSing you, but the progress is coming along great! But above all, you're actually living healthier so yeah... that's where it's at!

    1. Yeah! I was living healthy before but taking too many cheat meals and not pushing myself hard enough at the gym. And I was getting bored of what I was doing. Switching to some runs and some circuit training workouts really helps!