Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Operation Fit For What?

Finally, I'm getting this post out! Soon to be linked as a page with updates!  Promise.

Okay, first of all, if you haven't noticed already, I ramble.  I elaborate.  I like to pretty much tell you every irrelevant detail of my life or story I'm telling that day.  I don't really plan on changing that.  The way I write is the way I think.  I used to have a semi-private blog and those who have now moved on to reading this can attest to this fact.  I am just forewarning you all that it may really come out in this post.

The second title of this blog is Operation Get Fit 2012 but what am I getting fit for?  Well, my friends that's a complicated explanation.

Back in the day when I lost 70lbs I was on my way to getting fit but really had no plan or a very good understanding of my goals except to 'lose weight'!  I began running and finally started to build running goals.  I ran my first 10k race during Ottawa Race Weekend and did it in 1:13.  My only goal was to not stop running and I did it!   I then started working out with my school buddies and lifting weights, again not really having a goal in mind.
My back, back in the day... one of the things this time around is to work on using my left arm... haha.
Everything was working okay until about 3 years ago when the train went off the tracks.  Suddenly I was gaining weight again and found myself slowly deconditioning.  Running wasn't fun any more.   It was work.  And after that first 10k I didn't look into how to train to be better... I faltered and had a lot of trouble finding my groove again.

The last year has been a bit of a mash.  I ran three 10k races last year,  completed Insanity, tried my hand at New Rules of Lifting for Women, ran another 10k, and just finished my first duathlon.

Starting in May, I have now decided that it's time for GOALS.  I can't keep flailing around and expect results.  The reason I want to lose weight this time around is for my health, but also because I plan on doing another duathlon, and the lighter I am the easier it will be!

Looking like a boss in my pink Saucony's

  1. Complete A Second Duathlon  -  I've already mentally committed to the Ottawa Fall Colours Duathlon, but I think I'm going to need to talk myself up to this.  I know I can complete it, the problem will be to not attach too much pressure to this one.   First, it's only number 2, second, it's only 3.5 months after the first one.  While I hope to see improvements, I can't expect to do blow my results out of the water.  
    • A mini goal is also to improve my running.  I'm hoping to be able to do a 30-35min 5k before race day.
  2. 130-145lbs by the End of the Year (though preferably my birthday)  -  Giving myself a weight goal is probably not the best idea, but I feel most comfortable with myself around the 135lb mark and would really like to get back down there!  At the very least I'd like to be able to squeeze back into my size 8s.  
  3. Gain Back My Strength - By the end of Physio school I finally had a solid weight routine going and was encouraged by my friends when I needed to up the weights.  I've been struggling to find my balance between cardio/race training and weights.  I love lifting heavy objects and throwing them around, but it tends to negate speed.  I'm still working on what feels right but I want to start seeing definition again.
  4. Learn to Love/Stop the Negative Self-Talk - Oh how many of us struggle with this more than anything when trying to lose weight, eat clean, and exercise.  It's sad really.  It's been a life long battle for me and I've been really working on it over the past 2 months.  I find if I eat well and keep the exercise up, then the negative talk decreases a lot!  So that may be my key. 


  1. Goals = good.

    I need to stop with the negative talk too.

    1. Goals are amazing. I've always had them for things but never defined them and wrote them down. Hoping this helps.

      Negative talk is so damn hard to get rid of. P.S. I think your arms look great! :P