Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Morning Weigh-In #2

Excuse the face.  I'm at work and exhausted!
So did I do it?  Did this crazy body that REFUSES to shed weight actually maybe lose something?

The answer:

My feet look really awkward.  Wide, flat feet for the win!

Kind of.  I lost .4lbs and honestly, I'll take it.  A loss is a loss and I had some not so great moments last weekend and a total sushi pig out during the week which I'm sure left some sodium bloat running rampant in my body.  Here's hoping for another loss next week!


  1. Keep on keeping on! you're heading in the right direction!!!

    1. Thanks! That's all I can hope for and I can't expect great losses since my body is semi-conditioned already and I never really stopped being active. I won't see giant 5lb loses.... I don't think.