Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Kelly Goal

As a physio, I'm pretty much able to head to work in a decent looking t-shirt and lululemon pants.  And I do.  Part of this is because I find it easier to work in yoga pants, and part is because I feel like it's easier to hide my flaws in these outfits.  If I wear anything else I'm constantly tugging at everything to make it look better and make sure I don't show any skin.

The Kelly goal this week was created over the weekend because I realized something:  I feel so much better about myself when I feel pretty.  I don't need to get all over the top with my outfits, but at least blow drying my hair and putting on a bit of make up seems to improve my mood immensely.  And it makes me realize that I AM pretty, along with nice, funny, crazy, and just plain weird.

It's Wednesday, and I almost gave up on the goal today after waking late and feeling cranky that I didn't make my spin class but I twisted my hair back and threw on some mascara and it helped!

Random photos from this weekend that reminded me I can get dressed up:

Basically, getting my hair done is an excuse to take pictures of myself.   Also, please note my amazing boyfriend in the background of this one.

Feeling like myself.  Love my hairdresser - she gets it bang on no matter how vague I am.  AND loving finally feeling like I can be 'me'.  It took me 26 years, but I finally said screw it, got the piercings I wanted, and did crazy things like shaved part of my head and stretched my ears.  (Believe me I look a lot more hardcore in this picture than I actually am!

Ignore my dorky face, I'm really bad at outfit pictures. 

I've become a dress lover. 


Because I can choose to highlight my favourite parts of me: my waistline and the girls.

And it's been a bajillion degrees outside and I can't stand wearing shorts.  I never had and never will have small legs, so every pair of shorts I try on will fit in the waist but squeeze my thighs.  It's a really horrible feeling and it just makes me feel worse about myself.  Dresses are so much easier to deal with.

I figure the only way to truly embrace this journey is to get comfortable with me now and the rest will fall into place.

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