Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Morning Weigh-In #4

Can I just say: Finally!

This week has been a 90%.  I’m excited to see what happens on a 99% week, but let’s remember that I’m young, and though I view food as fuel, I’m a foodie at heart who loves booze.  No week will be 100% for me.  I’m admitting it and I’m okay with it!

I meal prepped like a fiend this week.  I had my quinoa and chicken cooked.  My veggies were cut.  My fruit was cleaned and put away.  Boy did that help!   This has GOT to be a regular thing from now on.
Bento Boxes FTW!

I also made Jamie Eason’s Turkey Meatloaf Muffins and they were such an easy grab and go item that I’ll for sure be continuing with this!

I also tried my best to have protein at every meal.  Nut butters, nuts, eggs, turkey muffins, and hummus were staple snacks.   They helped me feel full and were more delicious then snacking on just carrots.
Who said eating healthy/losing weight meant that you have to starve yourself?   This is only 1/2 my day!
 The thing is, I have to fight tooth and nail with my weight.  If my body acted ‘normally’, I’d probably be a normal weight.  But it likes to be stubborn, and I have to accept that.  That said, this week was a big deal for me.  I actually lost a whole pound!  And proceeded to do a happy dance. 

I have to remember that every little bit down is a victory.  It’s my victory.
8 weeks ago vs. Now.  This was an eye opener.
This is where I’m putting it out there.  I am a jealous person.  It’s something I fight against a lot of times and it takes away from enjoying things.  The problem with the blogosphere?  It makes that green monster come out sometimes.  That girl lost 4lbs in a week?  Why can’t I do that? This is so unfair.  Blah blah blah.  I have to be comfortable in my own victories.  Large or small, because this is my fight and only mine.  

Bus, Subway, Train!
 As an fyi, I so won't be 100% this weekend.  I'm currently on a business class train, with free booze, on my way to one of my favourite cities.  Montreal!  I'm going to eat at a cafe, have wine and a beer, and be okay with it.  I'm also going to swim, walk, and gym my heart out when I'm there.

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