Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Morning Weigh-In #1

I've decided to make Friday mornings weigh-in days!

Scales can be a very evil thing for me and can really change my mood in an instant.  I'm vowing to not get on the scale a million times in a row (as in, at once, or multiple times a day, or several days in a row)!

I'll be getting on once a week, probably on the scale at work to keep it consistent and because it is digital so less than 1lb weigh-ins will be track-able.  I also really despise the scale we have at home (It's one of those digital ones that you may be up or down 3lbs in 30 seconds.  UGH).  So work scale it is.  It's also the scale that our trainer uses when personal training his clients, so it's got to be somewhat good right?

I was at least going to make this exciting by posting a picture of the scale but I totally forgot this morning and now the room is in use with some training!

Being accountable online has got to get this process kick started right?

The scary number today?



Okay folks!  Hoping to see 169 by the time I head to my friends cottage.  

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