Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday Mini Goals

It's Monday, I know.  I was so busy working on one of my goals this week that I didn't manage to get my blog out on time.  Tsk tsk.  Promise I'll get better some day.

So let's look at how I did last week.

1. Blogging  - Total FAIL.  I meant to blog more than I did and I definitely don't have a plan minus Sunday Mini Goals and Friday Weigh-Ins.

2. Food - I'll give myself an 80% on this one.  I tanked one night and had nachos, but I only ate about 1/2 (I can usually inhale nachos).  The other issue was that I didn't stick to booze ban and had about 2 too many beers on Friday night.  I will give myself credit for not ordering more food later in the night.

3. Work-Outs - I actually did manage to move every day.  I thought I had taken Friday/Saturday off but I walked to dinner on Friday and I played with a 4 year old on Saturday.

4. Kelly - Make-up every day and I felt pretty!


This week, all those 4 remain plus 1 more.

I spent all day Sunday grocery shopping and food prepping.  I cut everything.  Precooked chicken and quinoa, and thought about what I was going to have when.   I also made Jamie Eason's Turkey Meatloaf Muffins this morning.  I am so set!

The organizational fairy visited my fridge!  Greg, this is what happens when you're not here!


  1. I like the accountability! I'm going to try to blog a bit more too, especially since you're my only reader ;)

    1. And you're only 1 of 2 that comments on mine!

      I find some days the blogosphere helps and sometimes it can overwhelm me, but as long as I focus on the fact that this little pink blog is all about me I'm good.